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Keane Ceramics - Clay Kits

Welcome to our Keane’s pre-boxed range of products specifically designed for those who want to start their pottery with us. We created our DIY Klay Kit’s to give you everything needed to begin and remove the overwhelm and confusion that comes with such a diverse craft. This way you can get a feel for our clays, the process of hand making, glazing and firing. We hope it’s the beginning of a wonderful obsession with all things’ ceramics.

You are in the right place to find out.

Whats in your kit
Keane - Clay- kIT
Keane Clay-Kit
Keane - Clay
Keane - Clay
The Clay

 2 Packets of MID FIRE 33 Australian made Keane’s Clay, for more information about this classic clay head to ourCLAY SHOP

Packaged in our canvas re-usable and the washable bag includes all the molding and sculpting tools you need to get started.

The Tools
  • Cutting wire
  • Sponge
  • Wooden rib
  • Needle
  • Stainless steel kidney
  • Wooden modelling tool
  • Wire trimming tool x 2


Making our boxes truly unique, we’ve added these fine ceramic transfer tissues for you to use any way you are inspired. A simple wet, place and peel process that offers endless designs for your creations.



It’s important to keep the unused clay moist and protected to preserve its longevity. Once you have cut the pieces you need simply place it in your re sealable zip lock bag and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


We have provided a line up on free online classes where you will find all
the online tutorials, guides and recommendations you need to get started
with your Keane Klay Kit.

These 5-10min classes are simple to follow videos that can be followed at home that demonstrate how to build the basics of a plate, mug and stand.



You have the option to simply leave your creation to air dry (not food safe) or head to our Kiln Firing Directory to find your local service to complete your piece.

Clay pots
Clay pot
Clay leaf
Clay mug

Our DIY kits are the perfect addition to the retail range in your studio, school or shop. If you would like to inquire about wholesaling our clay kits then please EMAIL US to be sent our wholesale kit.

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