The Journal Of Australian Ceramics 60/1



The Australian Journal of Ceramics

Vol 60 No 1 - April 2021



Editor Vicki Grima says: In this issue we look at ceramics from a political perspective: the provenance of materials, activism, and even the politics of Instagram. Madeleine Thornton-Smith examines notions of value and visual artists’ labour in Real Job. Yul Scarf looks at clay in early colonial Australia – its links to unceded settlement, industry and architected theft. Kate Jones does some deep looking, and grapples with the complexity of material provenance and connection to country, in a love letter. We also have Owen Rye going technical covering glazing for beginners, and Pattie Beerens talks to people from around the world about what it might mean to have a relationship with an inanimate natural material (clay). This bumper 160-page issue is full to the brim! As always, we squeeze in as much as we can with fascinating articles from every corner of the country.

Contributors to JAC 601: Araceli Adams, Australian Ceramics Open Studios 2020, Julie Bartholomew, Pattie Beerens, Nerida Bell, Stephen Bird, Jeana Blackert, Amanda Bromfield, Claire Byrne, Lisa Cahill, Rosanna Caldwell, Cheryl Campbell, Isobel Carver, Gus Clutterbuck, Kris Coad, Soledad Contardo, Jade Court-Gold, Connor Czora, Magdolene Dykstra, Claire Ellis, Belinda Emanuel, Honor Freeman, Jordan Gower, Kylie Gusset, Angela Halkias-Champ, Mike Hall, Angela Hayes, Joon Hee Kim, Koji Hoashi, Neil Hoffmann, Jan Howlin, Lauren Joffe, David Johnston , Kate Jones, Ruth Ju-shih Li, Thea Katauskas, Ann Knights, Sandy Lockwood, Jen Lyall, Monika Majer, Pauline Meade, Bridie Moran, Pru Morrison, Katie Murray, Murwillumbah Potters, Paige Northwood, NOT, Mandy Parslow, Joana Partyka, Robyn Phelan, Julianne Pierce, Pete Pilven, Judith Pungarta Inkamala, Jody Rallah, Valerie Restarick, Fran Romano, Penny Ruthberg, Owen Rye, Yul Scarf, Danielle Segal, Vipoo Srivilasa, Heike Stephan, Dee Taylor-Graham, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Prue Venables, Josephine Wilson and Sandy Younan and many others on our @political pages.

Cover: Amanda BromfieldBefore and After, 2020, earthenware, handmade raku glazes, bushfire ash glaze made from ash collected at Batemans Bay bushfire site, Mogo State Forest, each, h.18cm, w.12cm, d.10cm; photo: John Stewart

Published 1 April 2021

Editor: Vicki Grima
Editorial Assistant: Bridie Moran
Graphic Design: Astrid Wehling


The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) is a valuable resource for professional and amateur ceramicists, teachers and students at all levels, galleries, arts administrators, curators, buyers and collectors.

The JAC is published three times per year – 1 April, 17 July and 20 November – and is available in both print and digital formats. Our 160 pages of full colour content feature profiles on ceramicists, potters and makers; reviews of ceramic exhibitions and/or books; previews of upcoming events; critical reports and/or commentaries; research papers; and community reports. In each issue we choose a focus area as a way to source different and new stories, stories that make the reader think, and stories that challenge.

We aim to inspire, educate, address current issues, expose readers to new points of view and help readers to feel connected to the broader ceramics community.

Formerly known as Pottery in Australia (PIA), the magazine was first published in May 1962 (Vol 1, No 1). In 2022, The JAC will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Vicki Grima, Editor, The Journal of Australian Ceramics

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