KEANE Clay Raku T 12.5kg - Temporarily Unavailable



This item is temporarily out of stock due to raw materials shortages and shipping delays.

Keane Ceramics apologises for the inconvenience. New production of this product is anticipated in mid June.


Bisque Cone 06 -1000c  Glaze between Cone 03-10  1100 - 1300c


A buff raku, good for larger hand-built forms. Excellent coiling, joining and throwing properties.

This clay is similar in grog content to white raku. A popular choice for its fired warmth over a wide range of temperatures.

Produces beautiful results in reduction atmospheres.


1000 06 7.3% 13.6 %
1222 6    
1280 9 12% 4.1%
1300 10R 11.8%  




Please consult our clay catalogue for bulk rates on 20+ bags

Please consult our clay catalogue for bulk rates on 20+ bags & Order Via Email


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