Bone Ash



An important source of calcium phosphate made from calcined cattle bones. Real bone ash is chemically inert and free of organic matters. Calcium acts as a flux, and phosphorous as a glass former. 

Typical analysis:
CaO 36.4% min.
P2O5 18.5% min.
H2O 3.0%
LOI 17.5%

Melting point 1670°C 

Sieve Size
20 mesh 40 mesh 80 mesh 100 mesh 200 mesh 325 mesh
Percentage retained on screen 2.3% 3.5% 22.6% 42.8% 24.0% 3.4%

Commonly used in commercial porcelains known as bone china, where it lowers the maturing temperature and adds translucency. Used in iron red glazes where it brightens the colour, and is used to give texture in low fire glazes. 

Bone Ash MSDS

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