AMACO SE Engobe Yellow 454g Powder

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Engobes are either natural clays or a mixture of clays and ceramic raw materials, and are typically rich earth colours and subdued tones. Only water is added to obtain a working consistency like thick cream. AMACO Engobes can be applied to unfired clay using a variety of methods. Any AMACO dry or moist pottery clay may be decorated with AMACO Engobes and fired to the maturing temperature of the basic clay. Usually, a clear transparent glaze for unique effects is applied over the entire decorated shape.

Engobes may be brushed, poured, or trailed thinly on wet or dry greenware. Sometimes they are used to cover an inferior body, but generally are applied as decoration to contrast with the colour of the clay piece. Slip painting, slip trailing, and sgraffito are especially good decorating methods for engobes. For best results when slip painting, use short brush strokes. The designs should be compressed with direct strokes of the brush which is heavily loaded with the engobe. More elaborate designs may be made by the slip trailing method. Try decorating with a slip trailer to produce thin and thick line designs. When the sgraffito process is used, designs are scratched into a layer of engobe so the colour of the clay shows through.

  • Mix with water and apply to unfired clay
  • For a variety of slip techniques
  • Cone 05 to 10

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