Kera Chalk Set 8 Colours



Kera Underglaze Chalks for drawing and writing. Smudge resistant. Easily erased. This pack includes 8 colours: Bordeau Red, Orange, Canary, Emerald Green, Indigo, Lilac, Black, Red Brown

Application and Firing Information:

  1. Draw your design, erasing any unwanted areas with a standard pencil eraser
  2. Fix your design with Kera Foundation Coat Spray to help prevent smudging
  3. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for further decoration
  4. Decorate around your chalk design with underglazes, engobes and pencils
  5. If desired apply clear glaze before firing, dabbing the first coat then brushing subsequent coats
  6. Fire between 1060-1250C (Cone 04-7)

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