About Us

Keane Ceramics is a family-run clay manufacturing business based at Somersby on the scenic Central Coast of NSW, Australia. The company has been established for over 30 years and offers an extensive range of clays, slips, glazes, and ceramic tools and equipment. Our high quality products, years of industry experience and exceptional customer service have combined to make us a market leader within the ceramics industry.

Keane Ceramics produce over 25 different types of clay and casting slips. Our extensive range includes earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, paper clay, and slipcasting clays. All final testing of new clays is completed in-house, allowing us to continually improve and develop our range.


If you’re local to the Central Coast or visiting nearby, pop into our retail shopfront located alongside our manufacturing facility at Somersby. Browse a range of products, from raw materials and decorating pigments through to commercially prepared glazes, underglazes, specialty tools, potters wheels, and more.

Our products are also available for purchase via phone or mail order, or through our established network of distributors. For your nearest distributor please see the supplier link on our contact page.


Our directors, Babette and Giles Keane are the friendly faces behind Keane Ceramics. Together with their in-house team, Babette and Giles are committed to delivering high quality products and outstanding customer service.

Babette’s business acumen combined with her creative flair have helped contribute to the Keane Ceramics you see today. Babette’s passion for the business ensures Keane Ceramics continues to evolve with changing market and artist trends.

With over 10 years experience in production and logistics, Giles is dedicated to the continual improvement of Keane Ceramics’ product quality and manufacture.

Both directors share a common interest in the future continuation and development of the ceramic arts industry. Keane Ceramics are regular supporters of learning institutions, including NSW TAFE colleges, each year attending annual exhibitions and providing encouragement awards for graduating students.

Keane Ceramics have also been involved with The Sydney Teapot Show for the past 15 years, sponsoring a prize for the best of a themed category. 
The political, quirky and imaginative teapots that are exhibited each year never fail to impress. A display of past entries, currently takes pride of place in our factory show room, providing customers with an opportunity to marvel at the prolific works produced here in Australia, as well as those from overseas entrants.


Keane Ceramics evolved from Roger and Margaret Keane operating Churinga Potters Studio in 1973 at Somersby on the Central Coast. Margaret produced domestic stoneware pottery and provided tuition to students and Roger’s interest in ceramics was focused on artistic designs, experimenting with textures of clay and shapes. Both potters had an excellent reputation and held many successful exhibitions.

In 1977, Roger and Margaret purchased Potters Master Clays, a small local clay processing plant producing three clay bodies. Over the next few years, they expanded their range of products and built a new factory at Somersby in 1979 and changed the business name to Keane Ceramics Pty Ltd.

With the business growing at a steady rate, the factory underwent three extensions to accommodate for increased production and raw materials storage. In the early 1990s, Margaret and Roger were pleased when their son and daughter, Giles and Babette Keane both took on active roles within the company.

When Roger and Margaret retired in 1999, Babette and Giles took over the business, continuing the family commitment to the manufacture of high quality clays. Roger continues to remain active within the business and provides technical support when needed. Margaret also lending a hand during busy periods.

In over 30 years, Keane Ceramics has grown from producing three clay bodies to it’s operation today that sees it produce over 25 clays along with the supply of tools and glazes that are shipped throughout Australia and overseas through a national and international network of distributors.