AMACO Artists Choice LF Glaze Old Brick 472ml




Old Brick is a deep, glossy maroon glaze that is reminiscent of toasty reduction high fire red glazes with beautiful effects that can be achieved at low temperatures.

This glaze is formulated to allow the clay body to show through where there is texture and looks dramatically different on red ware and white ware.

These special effects glazes imitate the Artist/Potter's favourites.

They are Cone 05 oxidation glazes that look like high fired reduction stoneware.

Effects like Temmoku, Rutile, Oil Spot, and other reduction surfaces are achieved without the cost or trouble of high fire reduction.

They can be fired over any AMACO® earthenware clay, however they look best over dark or red firing clay like AMACO's 67-M.

The colour in the clay will partially show through the texture and add another colour dimension to the glaze. These glazes will look completely different depending on the clay on which they are applied.


There are many Artist's Choice glaze colours providing a huge number of possible glaze layering combinations. Experiment with combinations of glazes, different numbers of coats of each glaze, (up to a total of three to four coats) and ways to layer the glazes on your clay pieces.

These tiles show 1 coat of Artist's Choice over 2 coats of Opalescent glazes and have been fired to cone 05 on AMACO's #67 Sedona Red Clay.

Old Brick Layering Downloadable PDF

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