KEANE Clay Mid Fire Black 12.5kg



KEANE's new Black Mid Fire. This is a versatile clay body with excellent throwing properties. It uses a black stain only, making it perfect for domestic ware.


Wet to dry:  5 - 6%

Total at cone 6:  12 - 13% 

Please note that not all Clear Glazes can handle a black this pure! For a crystal Clear Gloss finish over our Black Mid Fire, we recommend avoiding glazes which include Zinc.

As our glaze suppliers do not supply lists of their ingredients, It is strongly recommended that all glazes are tested every time on samples prior to application on finished products. Our suppliers may vary their recipe from batch to batch and subsequently results may vary.

Glazes which are zinc free as at 2nd June 2020 are;

 AMACO Sahara Zinc Free Clear HF9 Firing Temp 1186-1222c (Cone 4-6)


Please consult our clay catalogue for bulk rates on 20+ bags

Safety Data Sheet

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