MKM Hand Roller 10cm Weave



MKM carved Hand Rollers are cut with cutting blades that leave a bevel for all the lines and patterns. So when the MKM roller is rolled over the clay, the MKM tool releases perfectly without pulling up any edges. As well, our stamps and rollers are scaled to work well in the realm of functional pottery - these tools are not re-purposed paint rollers - they are designed and made specifically for the clay worker.

The wood that we use for our rollers is fine grained and carves very precisely. This wood is leftover from the furniture industry and is ?recycled? by MKM to make our small tools. It also takes the tung oil well. And why pure tung oil, which is expensive. Because it is one of only two naturally occurring oils that are self-polymerizing (that harden when exposed to the atmosphere). This means that these tools will be much more durable over time than tools that are bare wood or finished with other oils.

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