Woodrow Hobby Fire Kiln STANDARD




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A Versatile Bench mounted unit can reach stoneware temperatures utilizing a 15amp powerpoint. Great for small pieces but big enough to fire a normal dinner plate twice the internal height of the smaller Hobby Fire Mini Kiln. We have many clients that use them as Lab Kilns or as a test Kiln to supplement their larger Kilns. Perfect for PMC, Glass Beads, Jewellery, Basic Glass Slumping and Fusing, Porcelain Dolls, Wax burnout etc.


    • Part No:HF Standard
    • Shelf Size:300 x 300 x 8mm
    • Controller Fitted:

      AF+ Multi-stage

    • Shelves Included:2 Full
    • Internal Dimensions:330 x 310 x 400mm
    • External Dimensions:610 x 700 x 950mm
    • Volume:40L / 1.5CuFt
    • Weight:58kg
    • Max Temp:1280C for 15amp version
    • or 1200C for 10amp version



    • Australian Made Quality with local Support.
    • Exceptional Performance - Even Chamber with consistent firing results.
    • Easy to use Versatile controls allowing you to fire pottery, ceramics, glass etc.
    • Energy efficient insulation resulting in truly amazing low running costs.
    • Exceptional Design and Quality resulting in an expected life of 20+ years.
    • Friendly Support is only a phone call or email away for the life of the Kiln.



    • AF+ Multi-stage Controller with Type N Thermocouple.
    • 2 x 300 x 300mm Shelves to protect the floor.
    • 4 x 150mm Props
    • 2 Brick Bungs for the Door and Roof
    • Detailed Operation and Controller Manuals written in plain English with easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions.
    • Recommended firing schedule and handy wall chart.
    • Everything you need to Plug & Play.
    • 3 Year Factory Warranty, 10 Year Frame / Case Warranty.
    • Phone or Email Support to help with any questions you may have.



    i.How fast do you want to go? Ramp (DegC/hr)
    ii. What Temperature do you want to reach? Temperature (Dec C)
    iii. Do you want to hold (soak) at that temp? Optional (Hr:Min)

    • You can program anywhere from 1 to 8 stages.
    • Ramps can also be down so you can controller cooling for things like glass or crystal glazes.
    • Built in 'Watch Dog' Safety circuit?click here?for more details.
    • Controller is separate from the chamber to ensure prolonged component life due to cooler running.
    • Features heavy duty thermocouple which is easy to replace.
    • Top quality relays and contactors for long life that are also easily replaced when worn.



    • Aluminium frame with integrated stand so it won't rust.
    • Heavy duty aluminium hinges that allow the door to be removed to allow easier installation.

    • Pre-Shrunk Ceramic Fiber Board with multiple levels of backup ceramic fiber blanket insulation.
    • Processed so as not to shrink or crack - dust free.
    • Kanthal A1 Elements - we use the thickest gauge suitable for each size to ensure long element life.
    • Features a Spyhole and Top Vent with heavy duty k26 machined brick bung.
    • Integrated Door Safety Switch isolates the Elements while the door is open without interrupting the program.
    • Door has adjustable door stops and latch to keep door seal working correctly.
    • Door seal is also designed to be replaced when elements are changed to keep a perfect seal.
    • Two stage door latch to allow the door to be popped to aid in final stages of cool down.
    • Door latch has facility to accept a padlock for added safety or security.



    • Hobby Fire Standard uses a house hold 15amp plug as standard or can be optioned as a 10amp Kiln with reduced top temp of 1200C:

    15amp Plug or 10amp Plug


    • For a more detailed explanation of Single Phase click here.
    • Power Used for a complete empty firing using our recommended profile ($ @ 27c/kWh,):Stoneware (1260oC) $2.75

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