Woodrow EDU-420L Large Secondary



Edu Secondary 3 Phase Large 420L

Three Phase 25amp power

Technical Specifications

Part No: Edu420
Shelf Size: 610 x 610 x 20mm
Controller Fitted: AFS Multi-stage
Shelves Included: 1 Full + 6 Half
Internal Dimensions: 685 x 675 x 910mm
External Dimensions: 1040 x 1070* x 1670mm
Volume: 420L / 15 CuFt
Weight: 300kg
Max Temp: 1280C

Features and Benefits

  • Australian Made Quality with local Support.
  • Exceptional Performance - Even Chamber with consistent firing results.
  • Easy to use Versatile controls allowing you to fire pottery, ceramics, glass etc.
  • Energy efficient insulation resulting in truly amazing low running costs.
  • Exceptional Design and Quality resulting in an expected life of 20+ years.
  • Friendly Support is only a phone call or email away for the life of the Kiln.


  • AFS Multi-stage Controller with Type S Thermocouple and locking control cover.
  • 1 x 610 x 610mm Shelves to protect the floor plus 6 Half Shelves.
  • 4 x 50mm, 4 x 75mm, 8 x 100mm, 8 x 150mm and 4 x 200mm Props.
  • 2 Brick Bungs for the Door and Roof
  • Detailed Operation and Controller Manuals written in plain English with easy to follow step by step illustrated instructions.
  • Recommended firing schedule and handy wall chart.
  • Everything you need to Plug & Play.
  • 3 Year Factory Warranty.

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