Xiem Applicator Tip 20-Gauge Pack of 5



This set of five (5) 20-gauge tips work with either 1oz. Precision Applicator Bulb?or 3oz Precision Applicator Bulb.

Precision Applicator Tips are also available in the following size:

  • 14 Gauge (dark green)
  • 15 Gauge (orange)
  • 16 Gauge (purple)
  • 17 Gauge (white)
  • 18 Gauge (pink)
  • 19 Gauge (brown)
  • 20 Gauge (yellow)
  • 21 Gauge (light green)?

Xiem's Precision Applicator system consists of a super-soft rubber applicator bulb, nickel-plated connector and your choice of interchangeable tips. A true innovation in ceramic glazing, slip-trailing, fine detailing, writing, wax-resisting, painting and any other liquid decorating technique you can dream up!

Please also see our Precision Applicator Set?for more details.

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