How to Ensure Pieces Are Dry

To avoid the dreaded blow out in the kiln. Here is a simple way to understand and avoid this heartbreaking pitfall.

Damp clay is cool to the touch, whereas dry clay is room temperature. If your pots feel cool, they’re probably not ready for the bisque firing. Be sure to check the bottoms and insides. The easiest way we have found is to hold the pot to your cheek. You easily be able to tell if it’s room temperature and therefore ready for firing.

Once you’re sure your pots are thoroughly dry, you can load them into the kiln and start the candling process for good measure. Keep the kiln temperature low until all residual moisture has escaped.

A simple way of checking for moisture escaping the kiln is to hold a piece of glass or plastic (I use my safety glasses) near one of the open peepholes during candling. If it fogs up, this is a sign that there’s still moisture escaping the kiln.

If you are firing thick or un-even work check that your firing program is set to a slow rate of climb until after 650 degrees Celsius .

For further information on recommended firing programs please refer to our blog. Fired up
December 11, 2021 — Keane Ceramics V2 Admin
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