Mid Fire Dark Matter

The grand opening weekend of the Keane Retail Store on the 2 + 3 April not only represents a landmark moment in our brand’s history, but also the release of new Keane clay bodies formulated by Christopher James, DARK MATTER followed by REDSTONE later in May.

For those attending the event this weekend will be the first to sample the DARK MATTER. Sample blocks and 10kg bags will be available exclusive to the retail space only.

Keane Mid Fire Dark Matter contains a broach section of added grog to provide plenty of structure to and fleck at one 5 to 6. This positions this body between a Keane White Raku and Keane Special K for coarseness. Dark matter has been designed for both thrower’s and hand builders who like to work with a unique clay at mid fire temperatures. This body stands up well for coil or slab work yet it behaves nicely on a wheel. The glaze fit qualities suit most mid fire glazes available with us.

Dark Matter contains no manganese or copper in its formulation and colourants used are safe to handle.


Recommended Bisque 1000 c (cone 06)

Glaze 1200 – 1220 c (Cone 5-6)

Wet to dry shrinkage = 4.5%
Shrinkage at cone 6 =12.5%
Porosity at cone 6 =1.54%

Stay tuned for the specifications and details for REDSTONE to be released early May.
March 29, 2022 — Keane Ceramics V2 Admin
Tags: Clay