The Journal Of Australian Ceramics 59/1




Editor Vicki Grima says: “The April issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics has a FOCUS ON CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE with featured artists Claudia Terstappen, Pilar Rojas, Samuel Leighton-Dore, Sadhana Peterson, Steve Harrison and many more. We look at kilns – the ins and outs of firing, alternative methods using solar power and thoughts on sustainable practice. A 32-page Ceramix catalogue is also part of this bumper 160-page issue. As always, we will squeeze in as much as we can about the diversity of Australian ceramics.”

Featured in JAC 591Annette Allman, Glenn Barkley, Pattie Beerens, Stephen Bird, Kristen Burgham, Bendigo Pottery, Alan Caiger-Smith, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Clay for Australia, Pippin Drysdale, Rebecca Edwards, Henrietta Farrelly-Barnett, JamFactory, Em Frank, Kylie Gusset, Anni Hagberg, Mike Hall, Steve Harrison, Patricia Hines, Abbey Jamieson,, Diamando Koutsellis, Tilly Kubany-Deane, Anne Kwasner, Ryan LaBar, Samuel Leighton-Dore, Daniel Leone, Sally May Mills, Holly Macdonald, Suvira McDonald, Damon Moon, Tracy Murray, Annie Parnell, Sadhana Peterson, Robyn Phelan, Celia Pozzecco, Maxine Price, Mel Robson, Pilar Rojas, Bruce Rowe, Owen Rye, Stewart Scambler, Irene Schroeder, Susan Simonini, Warisa Somsuphangsri, Alexandra Standen, Liz Stops, Dee Taylor-Graham, Claudia Terstappen, Ilona Topolcsanyi, Mark Valenzuela, Andrea Vinkovic, Cameron Williams and Lisa Wise.

CERAMIX artists: Sophia Cai (curator), Glenn Barkley and Louise Meuwissen, Canbora Bayraktar and Yeliz Yorulmaz, Claybia + The Huxleys, Alan Constable + Peter Atkins, Sam Gold + Sarra Tzijan, Varuni Kanagasundaram + Kate Beynon, Sassy Park + Mara Schwerdtfeger, David Ray + Hannah Bertram, Sarah Rayner + Sophie Carnell, Simon Reece + Vicky Browne, Franz Schroedl + Shesha Reddy, Vipoo Srivilasa + Sai-Wai Foo , Eloise White + Noel McKenna

Front cover: Samuel Leighton-Dore, Be A Man (I’m Trying), 2019, earthenware, underglaze, clear glaze, h.15cm, w.15cm d.2cm; Fragile Masculinity, Handle With Care, February 2019, m2 Gallery, Sydney; photo: artist

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