Mudtools Drag Tool - Wide U

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When Michael Sherrill from Mudtools visited potters in Japan he observed that it was common for them to pull, rather than push, their carving tools through the clay. The dragging motion allowed for less friction and a fluid cut.

For years Michael has made a variety of Japanese-style carving tools for his own use and he's spent A LOT of time carving on clay.

Made of high carbon steel and tempered to be very hard, the Drag Tool is designed to grace the hand and make a fluted mark in the clay.

One end cuts a wider flute than the other. 

Whether you draw a long fluted line or chip away at the clay, the texture looks beautiful under a celadon or any glaze that breaks on the surface.

This incredible clay tool now only comes in black.

We recommend wiping your tool clean with wax or oil not leaving it in water to keep it in top condition.