For the entire month of July, we are thrilled to unveil the new branding for our clay, bags, and packaging across our social channels! These stunning creations took 12 months to develop, involving extensive design, revisions, and compliance. We can't wait to share the fresh identities of Keane Ceramics with you.

Our new bag range has been meticulously designed to accommodate our new 10kg sizing throughout, ensuring optimal clay protection. Moreover, we recognize that they will also enhance the aesthetic of your studios and retail spaces when stacked together.

Why Re-Brand?

Keane Ceramics stands at the forefront of innovation in our industry, and we are excited to launch the labor of love behind rebranding our packaging. This transformation is not merely a cosmetic change; it symbolizes our commitment to pioneering positive change and setting new standards for pottery and ceramics in Australia. Our new packaging also serves as a testament to our dedication to aligning with Australian industry standards and sustainable practices. We take pride in our compliance with health and safety standards, showcased in a beautiful new design range.

By reimagining Keane Ceramics' visual identity, we are not only revitalizing our appearance but also breathing new life into the essence of our brand, which you have come to cherish as creators of Australia's favorite clay. We hope you will adore it as much as we do.

If you are one of our Wholesale, Trade, or Trade Premium customers, we have assembled a Brand Kit for you to download, allowing you to replace your website and digital collateral with our new assets. If you have not yet received your email containing the download link, please reach out to our Head of Brand & Marketing, Emma, at

So, if you have photographs of our new clays stacked in your studio, we would be delighted if you could share them with us by tagging @keaneceramics on social media.