At Keane Ceramics, we offer the widest range of Australian Mid Fire Clays that are perfect for pottery enthusiasts of all levels. Our range of Mid Fire clays offer a similar finished product to our much-loved stoneware range, with added colours and the ability to fire lower in temperature.

What Are Mid Fire Clays?

Mid Fire Clays are a type of pottery clay that are fired to a temperature range of 1180-1240°C. They are gaining popularity among potters because they achieve the sought after qualities in stoneware of strength, durability and finish when fired to the lower temperatures of Mid Fire. This is also better for the kiln element's longevity and can therefore be cost effective on maintenance and energy bills. There is an ever growing and diverse range of manufactured Mid Fire glazes that are readily available to use on Keane Ceramics range of  Mid Fire clays. At Keane Ceramics, we offer the most extensive collection of Australian Mid Fire Clays, each with unique characteristics that make them perfect for a wide range of making applications.

Keane Ceramics Mid Fire Range at a Glance

Mid Fire Black

Mid Fire Black is a standout clay in our Mid Fire Family. It is not only the only true black clay made in Australia, but it is also the only one of its kind without manganese dioxide, making it not only safe to handle but also food-safe.

Mid Fire Black is smooth and fine, and it is commonly mistaken for being a member of the Porcelain family. Its smooth fine body means it’s like silk to throw with.

Mid Fire Black clay is also renowned for intricate detail in hand-building and small to medium scale sculptural pieces.



Dark Matter

Born in 2022, Dark Matter is the newest addition to our Mid Fire Family. Due to the success and adoration of our Mid Fire Black, we acknowledged the demand for a grogged textural option.

Dark Matter has been described to sit halfway between White Raku and Special K in texture, offering a wider range of capabilities for the hand building and throwing process.


Red Earth

Red Earth is our new and very popular addition to the Mid Fire Family. Inspired by the rich colour palette of the rocks and sands of central Australia, Red Earth clay is a smooth clay body that targets both throwers and hand formers working with utilitarian scale functional objects.

Red Earth is a stand out clay for anyone who is looking to bring some warmth to the table.



Mid Fire 33

Mid Fire 33 made its mark as the most popular of the Mid Fire family due to its versatility and easy-going nature. Born from the demand for a speckled body that mimicked the characteristics of our Stoneware 33 heritage formula.

Throwing with Mid Fire 33 is a dream. Being smooth, plastic and easy to handle, it's a popular starting point for newbies through to advanced potters.  


Mid Fire 33 Warm

Mid Fire 33 Warm is everything you love about Mid Fire 33, but with a distinct warm tone. It has a touch of fine grog, which also adds to its visual texture and extends the scale of work that can be made with it.

The richness in texture and warmth of this body is highlighted when contrasting glaze colours are used.



Mid Fire 6 White

Mid Fire 6 White is smooth white plastic clay. It's versatile, great for domestic ware and small to medium-sized thrown and hand-built wares.

Many potters use it as a slip to apply to other Mid Fire clays where a white base is required.



Mid Fire 6 Speckled

Mid Fire 6 Speckled is a smooth, white plastic body. The sibling of Mid Fire 6 with the addition of iron specks for visual texture. Great for domestic ware and small to medium-sized hand-building and throwing. Although it's most loved for wheel throwing because of its smooth composition, potters love to show its natural speckle and textured body as finished works with either clear or no glaze.



If you want to deepen your knowledge on the characteristics of working with this beautiful medium, then see our MAKING WITH KEANE class that explores the fundamentals of our entire range.