‘Making with Keane’ is an exciting first for Australian potters and ceramic artists. Led by Keane Ceramics Director Babette Keane and Head of Operations Maddyson Hatton, this class is developed to educate both new and experienced enthusiasts in the fundamental characteristics of each of our clay bodies. Taking you through our family collection of Earthenware, Mid Fire, Stoneware, Grogged, Paper clay and Porcelains, this class will enhance your knowledge of the limitless nature of Keane’s clay.

Throughout this 2-hour class a range of topics will be covered. Attendees will learn about each clay category, its characteristics and their differences. This will also include advanced knowledge on how to use technical information that will assist in the following: choosing the correct clay for your practice, matching clay bodies and glazes, navigating the firing process, experimenting with new techniques and remedying common issues.

Babette and Maddy will share their love, knowledge and experience when it comes to the formulation, application and the heritage of Keane’s clay. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions, give and receive feedback, to support and develop your personal knowledge base. We are hopeful that ‘Making with Keane’ will inspire you to explore the full potential of "Australia's Favourite Clay."

Course Schedule and Dining Option

‘Making with Keane’ will tour up the East Coast of Australia, combining the love for food and clay. Each tour is accompanied by the option of a two-course fine dining lunch with Babette and Maddy at a chosen restaurant, featuring the best each region can offer in local produce.

NSW: Central Coast Sunday 30th April 11am-1pm at our flagship store followed by a two-course dining experience at Little Miss Mezza.

QLD: The HOTA, Gold Coast Sunday May 7th 11am-1pm followed by a High Tea at Palette Restaurant at Home of the Arts.

VIC: Mornington Peninsula Sunday 21st May 11am-1pm at Stoker Studios followed by a three-course shared plate menu dining experience at Barmah Winery.

Course Prerequisites:
We suggest those who have already worked with and experimented with pottery or ceramic forms as a minimum level of experience will get the most out of this course.

Your Teachers:

  Babette Keane - Director of Keane Ceramics

Babette Keane, a renowned figure in the ceramics industry, was born into a family immersed in the art of ceramics. As the daughter of Keane Ceramics Founders, Roger and Margaret Keane, she grew up with a studio attached to her home, where she observed her mother create domestic wares at scale while her father established a successful career as a sculptural artist and formulator. 

Babette was present during the inception of Keane Ceramics in the late 70s, where her passion for the art form blossomed..

In the early 90s, Babette joined the ranks of Keane Ceramics, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge gained from her studies in ceramics, as well as her experience in retail and fashion. Over the past 30 years, she has dedicated herself to the business of clay, accumulating a wealth of expertise and insights that have become invaluable to the industry. With her lifelong connection to Keane Clay, Babette now offers her invaluable insight into Australia's favorite clay. She is a respected figure in the ceramics community and a true pioneer in the art of ceramics, providing unparalleled knowledge and expertise to the industry.

Maddyson Hatton is a graduate of Newcastle university, receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art (Honors) with a major in ceramics. Maddyson has spent the past 10 years developing her knowledge in the industry, with her own practice in ceramics. Maddyson has worked for Newcastle University as a technical officer and has since further developed her clay knowledge at Keane Ceramics as Head of Operations.

Enrollment for Making with Keane are limited, so interested participants are encouraged to register early to secure their spot. Buy your ticket below to enroll.

Exclusive Gift
Upon arrival each ticket holder will be gifted a custom MAKING WITH KEANE denim pottery apron made exclusively for the event. For attendees for collection on the day only. These items cannot be sold or shipping separately.

Tickets: $125 for the course plus the two or three course lunch option that varies with your location.