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As a potter, finding the perfect clay body can be challenging. You want a clay that is easy to work with, offers intricate detail, and is safe to handle and use. This is why Mid Fire Black is one of Australia's favorite clays for intermediate and skilled potters. 

Mid Fire Black clay stands out in the Mid Fire family, not only because it is the only true black clay made in Australia, but also because it is free from manganese dioxide, making it safe to handle and food safe. Its smooth, fine body is commonly mistaken for being a member of the Porcelain family, and it is like silk to throw with.

This clay is perfect for hand-building and sculptural pieces, offering intricate detail that is difficult to achieve with other clays. And like its Mid Fire sibling, Dark Matter, Mid Fire Black clay offers an element of surprise with glaze. The strong pigment of Mid Fire Black clay can produce surprisingly different results than its lighter family members when paired with glazes.

When it comes to glazing Mid Fire Black clay, it is essential to choose the right clear glaze. Not all clear glazes can handle its pure black pigment. For a crystal clear finish, it is best to avoid glazes that contain Zinc. We suggest using the AMACO High Fire Sahara Zinc Free glaze to achieve the best results.

For anyone who has noticed their piece turn brown after its glaze fire, this is most commonly due to the incompatible glaze choice. 

Mid Fire Black clay was years in the making, with a focus on achieving the highest standard of material safety. This clay contains no manganese dioxide, allowing potters to explore all forms of functional ware without worry.

Mid Fire Black clay has a shrinkage of 13% and absorption of 1.5%, with wet to dry shrinkage at 5-6%. And if you're looking for a dark body with more visual and physical texture, you can meet its close relative in the Mid Fire family, Dark Matter, born in 2022.

In conclusion, Mid Fire Black clay is a unique and safe option for potters looking for a true black clay with a smooth, fine body and intricate detail. Pair it with the right zinc free glaze for a dramatic contrast, and explore all forms of functional ware with confidence.

Header Image: Credit Jo Norton @thrownbyjo

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