Cesco Cesco Underglaze Set 34 x 20mL

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SKU: FQ3020

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32 Colours x 20ml Underglaze colours

Plus FE100 EW Flux Extender and FE110 Colour Extender.
Cesco's classic ballmilled concentrated colour.
Thick enough in the container to apply straight to your ware or extend with water, brushing medium or FE110 Colour Extender.
Try adding FE100 EW Flux Extender for majolica style decoration.
Firing Range 1000-1280oC. Colour shown is at 1080oC and may change at higher temperatures.
For best colour response at 1280 we recommend low or no Zinc stoneware glazes.
Colours may start to "self glaze" from 1150. Test with your selected clay and glaze before bulk use.
Proudly Australian Made.