Chrysanthos Clay Mender 140ml

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SKU: SP009-140


Firing Range: 999-1060c (Cone 06-04)

Pack: 140ml

Chrysanthos Clay Mender is used to repair broken white earthenware, greenware and bisque. It may also be used as a binder for clay additions.

Moisten broken edges of ware with clean water, then use fingers or a soft brush to apply a generous coat of Clay Mender. Quickly join pieces holding firmly for a few seconds to set. Add a little extra Clay Mender if necessary to cover breakage and sponge or scrape off excess. Fire between Cone 06 (999c) and Cone 04 (1060c).

Clay Mender may be glazed over directly when applied to bisque.

The maximum firing temperature of Clay Mender is Cone 03 (1101c) and is not suitable for use on mid fire or stoneware clays.