Chrysanthos Colour Mask Latex

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Chrysanthos Colour Mask is water based latex emulsion that is selectively painted on to greenware to protect areas from colour, making design work and application of colour easier.

It can be used with fired and non-fired products and is peeled off before firing, although Colour Mask will burn off during firing.

A brush should be retained exclusively for use with Colour Mask. A soft bristled brush will allow the most even coverage.

  • Before application, the brush should be moistened thoroughly with liquid soap and any excess squeezed out.
  • The brush is then loaded with Colour Mask and applied in a single even coat to the area to remain without colour.
  • Wait a few minutes until the Colour Mask is dry before applying colour over ware.
  • Gently peel back the Colour Mask, easing back edges using a tool or fingernail.
  • Colour Mask should come off in a single sheet, but ensure there are no fragments left behind. The blank areas remaining can then be decorated if desired, and subsequent coats of Colour Mask may be applied if required.

After application, Colour Mask is dry when it loses its opacity and turns a translucent green colour, this generally only takes a few minutes.

If Colour Mask lifts colour: try removing excess colour from latex surface by dabbing off with a damp sponge, then allow colour application to dry thoroughly before removing latex, easing edges away carefully.

Colour Mask may be used on bisque but can be harder to remove. Firing will remove any residual Colour Mask off greenware, however if residue remains on bisque and glaze is applied directly over, the glaze will not adhere to these areas on firing when the Colour Mask is burnt off.

Avoid getting Colour Mask onto clothing, as it is difficult to remove from fibrous surfaces. Clean brushes in warm water immediately after use with liquid soap. Tightly cap container for storage.