Chrysanthos One Stroke Glaze Peacock

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Firing Range: 999-1305c (Cone 06-10)

Chrysanthos One Stroke colours are intensely pigmented translucent underglazes, designed for decoration and fine detailing.

One Strokes offer an efficient means of colour application on both greenware and bisqueware: On greenware, the clay is fired to bisque temperatures then covered with a suitable clear glaze and refired to seal the ceramic piece. On bisqueware, the One Stroke decoration should be thoroughly dry before glazing over and firing to recommended gloss temperatures to seal the ceramic piece.

One Strokes can also be applied directly onto an unfired opaque white glaze surface, then fired in order to achieve a majolica effect.

One Strokes are formulated to be brushed straight from the bottle, but they may also be thinned with a little clean water if colour appears too thick or if a more subtle effect is desired for shading or majolica application. Thinning with clean water may also be required when airbrushing.

One Strokes are also suitable for sponging and stippling, and whilst essentially translucent, the intensity of the pigment means that some colours (particularly dark colours) will give excellent solid coverage with a single generous coat.

Due to their intensity One Strokes are also useful in colouring slip for engobe application and for tinting White 3D Trailing Glaze.

One Strokes may also be layered over each other and can be used to achieve an opaque underglaze like coverage by application of 2 - 3 coats.