Chrysanthos Stoneware Glaze Clear 500ml

$16.75 AUD
SKU: SW157-500

Stoneware Clear Glaze is a high gloss lead free glaze which can be used on stoneware bisque that has first been decorated with most of the Underglazes or One Strokes. Once fired correctly, the Stoneware Clear Glaze will protect the ware from moisture and discolouration caused by contact with food and liquids. The coloured appearance of the brush on Stoneware Clear Glaze is intended to assist application by highlighting glazed areas. The Stoneware Clear Glaze have been specifically formulated for application to stoneware clays that are to be glaze fired to between cone 6 (1222c) and cone 10 (1305c). Application Three full coats are required to achieve the best results using the Stoneware Clear Glaze. These are carefully applied at right angles to one another (ie. crosshatched), allowing each to dry in-between. A soft glazing brush should be used in order to minimise streaking.