Chrysanthos Ultra Stain Green II

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  • Composition: Cr
  • Lead free
  • Intense colors
  • Fired at temperatures between Cone 06 (999C) Cone 10 (1,305C)


Ultra Stains are among the best quality glaze stains available in the world. Sourced from throughout China, each batch is strenuously tested to ensure top quality. Typically these stains only need a few minutes for full dispersion to be achieved.

Keane Ceramics recommend every potter conducts their own test samples with each new batch of colour purchased to ensure artists achieve their desired results.

Ultra stains may be used in a variety of ways

  • Manufacture of glazes fired at Cone 06 (999 C)Cone 10 (1,305 C)*
  • Manufacture of underglazesfired at Cone 06 (999 C) Cone 10 (1,305 C)*
  • Colouring of light clay bodies and slips to achieve a wide variety of results depending on proportion and temperature

** Colour performance varies with temperature, Please refer to the individual firing and content information included for each colour.


Safety Warning

Ultra Stain Compositions vary with each colour.