EARTH & FIRE Kylie Johnson and Tiffany Johnson

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Earth and Fire, written and compiled by Kylie Johnson and Tiffany Johnson, is a book that delves into the world of ceramics and explores the profound relationship between the elements of earth and fire in the creation of ceramic objects. The authors showcase the work of over forty-five ceramic artists who employ a variety of techniques, practices, and tools to craft their unique pieces. Ceramic artists featured in the book create a wide range of objects, including wood-fired and fine porcelain wares, sculptured vases, everyday cups, bowls, and plates, as well as jewellery and wall pieces. Each artist brings their own style and medium to their ceramic creations, resulting in a diverse collection of artworks. The book emphasises that the collaboration between earth and fire is what truly brings a ceramic object to life. Without one or the other, earth and fire are merely components. When combined, they have the power to transform clay into both functional items and works of art. The artists featured in the book recognise that they are merely facilitators of this transformative process. They understand that working with clay requires them to be open to continuous learning and discovery, as the clay, glaze, and heat have their own lessons to impart. The artists' experiences with clay are described as humbling, as they constantly realise that there is always more to learn and explore. Through vivid descriptions and stunning visuals, Earth and Fire showcases the beauty and utility of ceramics. The book aims to convey that working with clay is not just a physical act but a deeply immersive experience that resonates with the artists on a profound level. It emphasises that ceramics, with their tactile and sensory qualities, have the ability to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on both the artists and the viewers. Overall, Earth and Fire serves as a tribute to the artistry and craftsmanship of ceramicists while shedding light on the transformative nature of the creative process. It celebrates the mastery of earth and fire in the realm of ceramics and demonstrates that clay is not only a medium but a profound medium that leaves a lasting impression on those who work with it.