KEANE Liquid Bright Gold Lustre 12%

$74.95 AUD


Paint with Precious Metals like gold, and platinum! Apply over fired glaze to add brilliant accents that'll make your project look like a billion bucks!

When using lustre, work in a clean, dust-free area with good ventilation. Your hands must be free of all oils, hand lotion and moisture.

Choose any brush with soft hair that will produce the coverage or strokes you wish to achieve. Gold Lustre brushed should be cleaned with Lustre Thinner and wiped on a paper towel. Brushes must be thoroughly dry before use.

Reserve brushes for exclusive use with your Gold Lustre.



Place a small amount of overglaze on a glazed palette;

apply one smooth coat.

Try to attain an even tint:

Premium Gold tint should be red in colour.

Bright Gold tint should be brown in colour.

White gold tint should be green in colour.

Do not let metallics pool in an area; brush them out smoothly.

Clean brush in Lustre Thinner and let dry.

Fire metallics to witness cone 019-018