Kiln Shelves 300 x 300 x 8mm Can be Shipped

$30.00 USD
By Woodrow
SKU: R10018

This product is unavailable

Keane Ceramics stock a variety of kiln shelf sizes.

The fragility of kiln shelves means only this size (300 x 300 x 8mm) can be shipped.

All other sizes may be purchased online for collection from our Somersby NSW Warehouse.

R10018 Kiln Shelves 300 x 300 x 8mm Shipping or Collection
R10020 Kiln Shelves 400 x 400 x 15mm Collection Only
R10021 Kiln Shelves 450 x 450 x 20mm Collection Only
R10023 Kiln Shelves 530 x 530 x 20mm Collection Only
R10024 Kiln Shelves 610 x 305 x 20mm Collection Only
R10026 Kiln Shelves 610 x 370 x 20mm Collection Only
R10025 Kiln Shelves 610 x 610 x 20mm Collection Only

NB. Props & Bung sold separately.