Northcote Pottery Underglaze Speckled White 250ml

$29.20 AUD
SKU: NTUG32-250


Brush on Underglaze

Firing range: 1280-1300c

Proudly Australian-made


  • Stir thoroughly before use
  • For best coverage apply 2 thin even coats with a soft brush.
    • A single coat thickness guide would be equivalent to 1 coat of nail polish.
  • Never apply more than 3 coats as over application causes peeling. Remember this when planning your designs and paint colours beside each other rather than on top of each other.
  • Thin with brushing medium not water especially if you are using a brush on glaze over the underglaze. • Can be thinned with water when applying a dipped, poured or sprayed glaze. However, thinning with water can cause settling or separation of underglaze ingredients in the jar. Stir underglazes well before use and during use. Or alternately, thin small quantities of underglaze not the whole bottle.
  • Should be covered with a clear glaze suitable for the clay eg. earthenware clear glaze for earthenware clay, stoneware clear glaze for stoneware clay
  • Burnout temperature – 1300oC
    • For best results, we recommend firing the Speckled White Liquid Underglaze to 1280oC.  Please test under your firing conditions.
  • Test all products to ensure suitability for your requirements as glaze application, clay type, firing atmosphere and glaze flow can vary greatly