The Journal Of Australian Ceramics 62/2

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The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Vol 62 No 2, July 2023 FOCUS: SO HOT RIGHT NOW NATIONAL EDUCATION SURVEY AN AUSTRALIAN (DIASPORIC) CERAMIC ACTIVISM IN AUSTRALIAN CERAMICS BLAK DESIGN PROGRAM CLAY: COLLECTED CERAMICS Co-Editors Montessa Maack and Bridie Moran say: There are so many ways in which new ceramic work is manifesting that it’s hard to know where to look or what to think. Through this issue’s theme – SO HOT RIGHT NOW – thinking about ceramics abounds: from Zane Edwards (as material), Dee Taylor-Graham (through criticism) and Julie Bartholomew (as activism). In these hot topics we see reflected not just changing ceramic practice, but the issues of our time reflected through clay. Current projects, studios, and exhibitions are also what make our ceramic community so hot right now. The Koorie Heritage Trust Blak Design Program, the exhibition Clay: Collected Ceramics, and many other articles in this issue are a roundabout way of looking at just how compelling ceramics practice is, and how we think about it in our highly mediated world. The July issue of The Journal of Australian Ceramics is also our education focus, where we profile some of the many new ideas emerging from ceramics courses around the country. This year’s education survey is incredible, and interest in ceramics is booming. Featured in JAC 622: Dee Taylor-Graham, James Nguyen, Dr Julie Bartholomew, Michelle Yeatman, Ara Dolatian, Zane Edwards, Nicolette Johnson, Stephanie Henricks, Ivan McMeekin, Geoff Crispin, Ernabella Arts, Sarah Engledow, Ryan Foote, Pru Morrison, Koorie Heritage Trust: Blak Design Program, Simon Reece, Angelo Ooi, Sabina Moore, Kate Dorrough, Aaron Moore, Lone White OAM, Lotte Schwerdtfeger, Judy Annear, Icky Brothers, Claire Bridge, Valerie Schönjahn and Vale Bronwyn Clarke