Tissue Transfer Wave Pattern - Red



"Wave Pattern" Red

Size: 43 x 31cm

Let your imagination run wild with our large collection of Tissue Transfers. Transfers can be applied in a variety of ways giving interesting effects.

Transfers can be applied in a variety of ways:

1. Fresh moist clay

Simply place the transfer image-side down in the correct position and brush the back of the transfer with a damp sponge or moist firm brush and even pressure. Leave for 1-2 minutes, then remove the remaining paper. The clay form can now be stretched and altered, and the image will do the same (breaking up if stretched too far, etc) until the form is complete.

2.Leather-hard or bone dry clay

Place transfer image-side down in the correct position, apply damp sponge with even pressure to the back of the transfer. Leave for 1-2 minutes, then remove the remaining paper. Once image, is dry additional underglazes or slips can be applied over the transfer image, areas can be treated with sgraffito, etc. Fire as required.


Apply as per Leather-hard/Bone Dry Clay

4. Once Fire

Apply transfer and once-fire the clay item to at least 1200- 1300c. This gives a superb effect on terracotta and raku clays which fire to a stone-like effect.

5. Maiolica

Apply a brush-on glaze to bisque ware, allow to dry then apply transfer on top of raw glaze, then fire form to recommended glaze temperature.



Tissues are created by screen printing with a water soluble medium combined with colourant (oxide, underglaze, etc).

Tissue transfers will apply best to smooth surfaces. 

Tissue transfers may be cut with scissors to create shapes.

Tissue transfers used under a clear glaze can provide interesting layered effects when seen through commercial decal images. 

Do not leave the tissue paper on the clay surface and try and burn it out as it will leave a residue which is not desirable.

Most designs can be fired up to Cone 10 (1305c), Colours can vary after firing. Always fire test samples before applying to final work, especially if colour matching.


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