Xiem Applicator Tips 17-Gauge Pack of 5



17-gauge tips work with either 1oz. Precision Applicator Bulb or 3oz. Precision Applicator Bulb.

Precision Applicator Tips are also available in the following size:

14 Gauge (dark green)

15 Gauge (orange)

16 Gauge (purple)

17 Gauge (white)

18 Gauge (pink)

19 Gauge (brown)

20 Gauge (yellow) 21 Gauge (light green) Xiem's Precision Applicator system consists of a super-soft rubber applicator bulb, nickel-plated connector and your choice of interchangeable tips. A true innovation in ceramic glazing, slip-trailing, fine detailing, writing, wax-resisting, painting and any other liquid decorating technique you can dream up!

Please also see our Precision Applicator Set for more details.

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