XIEM Mini Clay Scrapper & Cleanup Brush

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SKU: XMCSB-10459

Remove Excess Clay: A mini clay scraper can be used to carefully remove excess clay from your working surface, ensuring that you have a clean and even workspace to continue your work. Precision Cleanup: These tools are often designed to provide precision in cleaning up small and intricate areas, helping you maintain the details of your project. Prevent Contamination: Keeping your workspace clean can prevent different coloured clays from mixing unintentionally and maintain the integrity of your work. The cleanup brush can also be used to clean your other tools, such as sculpting tools, brushes, preventing cross-contamination of materials. Regularly cleaning your workspace can help you work more efficiently, as you won't have to constantly work around clutter or dried bits of clay. Remember to clean your mini clay scraper and cleanup brush themselves after each use to prevent any buildup of clay or debris on them. A great addition to your kit, whether you're working with clay, polymer clay, or other similar materials. Just ensure you're using the tools safely and following any guidelines provided by the manufacturer.