Xiem Potter's Wand II



Curves to fit your needs.

The Potter's Wand II is a throwing and shaping wonder stick. It works like an extension of your fingers. It can be curved to reach into a narrow necked wheel-thrown form to shape pots like a professional.

Whether you are left-or right-handed, this Potters Wand II will fit securely in your hand. It is made of silicone rubber over a stainless steel structure with a total length of 38.5cm—almost 7.5cm longer than the traditional Japanese throwing stick.

WE DON’T RECOMMEND BENDING BACK AND FORTH REPEATEDLY, it will break. However, if you customise the Potter’s Wand II to your favourite shape, you will enjoy it for many years to come. It is a must-have tool for any potter who loves throwing rounded forms.

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