Xiem Precision Applicator 3oz Set



A tool that writes and decorates like no other! Xiem's Precision Applicator is a true innovation for glazing, slip-trailing, fine detailing, writing, wax-resisting, painting and any other liquid decorating technique you can dream up! Our system consists of a super-soft rubber applicator bulb, nickel-plated connector and your choice of 8 interchangeable tips. It's lightweight, easy to use and clean, plus our precision tip and connector system ensures that air pressure is regulated evenly and effortlessly. This 3 oz. Precision Applicator set includes: 3 oz. Applicator Bulb PA Connector Four (4) Precision Applicator Tips 14 gauge 16 gauge 18 gauge 20 gauge Bonus: Two (2) Tip cleaning pins. Packaging: Reusable Tube Don't forget enhance the usefulness of your Precision Applicator by adding our Easy Suction Adapter to this set (sold separately).

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